Roads Now


The roundabout at Seldon and Lucille in Wasilla is open! The $10 million project was the top priority of my constituents in North Wasilla. This fixed one of the most dangerous intersections in the Valley.

I look forward to representing you – getting results like this and putting my experience to work on your behalf.

Put Jim to work building roads for you. Jim’s professional expertise in surveying and road construction will provide you with the representation you need to cut the red tape and studies to get roads built.

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Hunting & Fishing

Want better hunting and fishing opportunities? Hire Jim to represent you. As a lifelong Alaskan he is an experienced advocate on fish & game issues. Jim has a track record of working to providing the maximum opportunity for Alaskans to put fish & game on the dinner table.

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Developing Our Future


It’s time to end the bureaucracy that is choking our small businesses. We need a fighter who understands that Jobs, the economy and energy solutions are critical for the Richardson Highway and Mat-Valley residents. Jim will push for low cost energy solutions and local hire. Learn More

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